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Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Ethos/Values

Our Mission

Nurturing and Developing our Children for the Future

Our Vision

Revised Summer 2021

Children leave Eastbury Farm having been inspired to become confident and successful learners, ready to explore their future as resilient and responsible individuals.


Revised Summer 2021

Our Vision is underpinned by our Ethos/Values:

  • We embrace diversity and provide challenge through a rich and engaging curriculum
  • Learners are entitled to reach their full potential, which is enabled by excellent teaching and high expectations
  • Learning is extended beyond the classroom through an inspiring indoor and outdoor environment
  • Children feel safe, nurtured and supported
  • Emotional intelligence is promoted alongside academic achievement
  • A balance of promoting independence and collaboration
  • A culture of inquisitive minds, positive attitudes to learning and embracing wider opportunities
  • An inclusive environment which fosters mutual respect
  • A whole school community rooted in a shared ethos of working together

Our Vison Statement, Ethos and Values are collaboratively rewritten every 5 years and directly influence our annual School Improvement Plan.