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Our curriculum intent

We admit 45 children into our school at the point of reception and 30 children into our nursery.  Whilst in reception, the children work in two classes - Cedar A and Cedar B.  Our nursery class is called Birch and consists of 30 children.  In our EYFS (nursery and reception), the children learn from an annual curriculum. 

Once the children move into key stage 1 (KS1), they are grouped into three sets of 15 children and at this point, each group of 15 children joins with 15 children from year 2.  Consequently, in our KS1 phase we have three mixed age classes of year 1.2 children.  As children progress through our school, they remain in mixed age classes.  Each group of 15 children remain with their teacher for two years but learn with a different group of 15 children each year.  As our curriculum is delivered to mixed age classes, we have a bi-annual long-term curriculum map.  This means that children do not study the same curriculum content each year but can continue to develop their skills sequentially.   We are currently following Cycle B. 

We want our children to become confident learners with excellent behaviours for learning. As we continue to review and reflect upon our curriculum, we are developing opportunities for children to use their learning to answer questions, debate and justify their opinions.  This, we believe, will enable them to become independent thinkers with a desire to learn more.  

Where possible, we want to use resources from our local area and our community to enhance our curriculum as well as make meaningful links for the children.  Whether this is through visitors and speakers with first-hand experiences or use of the rich resources from our local area, we want our children to appreciate the rich resources of the community in which they live.  Providing children with opportunities to learn in different contexts, such as outside, through debate, through presentations, through experiences, we believe will enable all pupils to demonstrate what they have learnt, regardless of barriers.