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PGL Trip Meeting for Parents of Year 6 Thursday 30 March


Come and meet the staff at our school!

Our Staff


           Headteacher                                                          Miss Rebecca Workman

           Deputy Headteacher                                              Mrs Shafina Cachra

           Inclusion Co-ordinator                                            Mrs Veronica Dolling

           Assistant Headteachers                                         Miss Amanda Taylor

                                                                                          Mrs Claudia Rowlinson

           Head of Early Years                                               Mrs Louise Williams



 Foundation Stage Team


           Foundation Stage Leader                                       Mrs Louise Williams

           Teacher                                                                  Miss Hannah Phelps

           Nursery Teacher                                                     Miss Ellie Sheldon

           Early Years Practitioner                                          Mrs Tina Yeomans

           Nursery Nurse                                                         Mrs Tracey Kelly

           Teaching Assistant                                                  Mrs Renata Fraser


         Key Stage 1 Team

           Teachers                                                                 Mrs Sarah Weston

                                                                                           Mrs Claudia Rowlinson/

                                                                                            Mrs Sam Araujo

                                                                                           Miss Chelsea Jones


            Teaching Assistants                                              Ms Susanne Moore

                                                                                          Mrs Pam Graham

                                                                                          Ms Penny Marti





Key Stage 2 Team

         Year 5/6 Leader                                                    

         Teachers                                                               Miss Amanda Taylor

                                                                                       Mr Alastair Morton

                                                                                       Miss Katy Humphris

         Year 3/4 Leader                                                    

         Teachers                                                               Miss Hannah Cohen

                                                                                       Mrs Sue Ascott

                                                                                       Miss Lotte Visser


         Teaching Assistants                                              Mrs Andrea Zeff

                                                                                       Mrs Rachel Smale

                                                                                       Mrs Esther Murray

                                                                                       Mrs Marion Moran

                                                                                       Mrs Louise Christie


         Foreign Language Teacher                                  Mrs Julia Gonzalez



Admin Team

                      School Buisness Manager                        Mrs Catherine Pearson

                      Office Staff                                                Mrs Clare Ray

                                                                                        Mrs Tracy Lock


                      Welfare                                                       Ms Penny Marti                                                

                      Caretaker                                                   Mr John Hickey

                      School Cook                                              Mrs Nicky West



For any staff vacancies please go to the Teach in Herts website.